Offering a veritable boodle of CBD-infused* skin care products made in Santa Fe, New Mexico that soothe, improve, and hydrate your skin and scalp.

Our high quality CBD-infused skincare products are formulated to soothe, improve, and hydrate your skin and scalp.  Santa Fe DIRT facial moisturizer, Santa Fe DEW face oil, Santa Fe MULCH body lotion, Santa Fe HAIR DEW and Santa Fe COMPOST bath salts feature high levels of super-hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant ingredients—along with full spectrum CBD.

Santa Fe DIRT facial moisturizer soothes your skin, helping to reduce sebum production and diminish breakouts and redness, while addressing the free-radical damage that can cause both wrinkles and inflammation.  Ingredients include jojoba milk, orchid stem-cells, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, squalane, and CoQ10, along with full spectrum CBD.  This ensemble of active ingredients nourish skin with a the perfect boodle of anti-inflammatories, moisturizers, cannabinoids, terpenes, botanicals, and antioxidants. DIRT is super hydrating and absorbs exceptionally well without being greasy. Santa Fe DIRT is also available in a tinted formula, which helps to even out skin tone. Shop Now!

We are thrilled with the results we are having with Santa Fe DIRT…  rosacea and redness are noticeably diminished and our skin is super hydrated here in the high desert.  Read about other results here.

Santa Fe DEW is a CBD-infused (500 mg) face oil with a jojoba and rose hip oil base, combined with active ingredients CoQ10, squalane, alpha lipoic acid and sandalwood oil. This formula enhances your skin barrier, sealing moisture in while protecting against allergens, pathogens and water loss. Best applied after moisturizing. Shop Now!

Santa Fe MULCH is a CBD-infused (1,000 mg) body lotion with a jojoba milk and shea butter base enhanced with super-hydrating active ingredients, hyaluronic acid and squalane— moisture magnets that attract moisture from the air and seal it in—to plump and soften your skin. Shop Now!

Santa Fe HAIR DEW Scalp Serum channels your inner Cleopatra with a 500 mg CBD infusion. This potent natural formula conditions and moisturizes your scalp and hair, helping to prevent hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, and dull, dry hair. Shop Now!

Santa Fe COMPOST is a CBD-infused (1,000mg) bath salt that helps to soothe and refresh sore muscles with a mix of Himalayan and epsom salts and sandalwood oil. Shop Now!

* CBD has no psycho-active properties.


I have severe hormonal adult cystic acne and use Retin A and other medications that can be quite drying, especially in New Mexico. Santa Fe DIRT has balanced this dryness with substantial moisture without being greasy. My skin is less red and much calmer. DIRT also provides a good base for easy makeup application. 

Suzanne S.

I like the finish.  Santa Fe DIRT has a nice luminosity and faintly evens out the skin tone.  I used it in the morning and it felt good on my skin all day.

Eileen R.

I love that Santa Fe DIRT is made locally with loving hands with all natural and super healthy ingredients…  it goes on smoothly and my skin drinks it in.

Catherine O.

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